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COVID-19 Protocol


Team size: Minimum booking size 5, maximum booking group of 30 attendees (to ensure social distancing at the venue) and maximum team size of 5 at any activity.

Pre-event check

The person responsible for booking an event (client) will be asked to supply contact details for all attendees. This will be held on file for 21 days to comply with Track & Trace regulations.

Prior to the event, we will ask the client to check that none of their attendees is suffering from Coronavirus related symptoms or have been in contact with anyone suffering from Coronavirus.

Event day safety protocols

On arrival: Attendees will have their temperature checked via an infrared thermometer. Anyone displaying a temperature will be asked to leave.

Hand sanitiser: Guests will be asked to hand sanitise on arrival. There are plenty of hand washing facilities in the toilets with soap and water as well as several hand gel points within the venue.

Poster displays: reminders regarding hand washing and social distancing are placed throughout the venue.

Event day safety protocols - Activities

Full briefing at the start of the event with reminders on social distancing and COVID safety.

Soft drinks will not be available at each activity – instead, each guest will be supplied with their own water bottle to take with them.

Alcohol-based hand gel provided at activity stations as well as disposable gloves and masks for all attendees.

Poster displays: reminders regarding sanitising hands and social distancing at activity stations.

Team size: Maximum team size of 5 at each activity.


Where helmets/ear defenders are required, guests will be issued with their own for the day which they will keep with them for their own personal use. These are sanitised thoroughly at the end of the event.

Vehicles (rage buggies/hovercrafts) will be sanitised between each user and thoroughly cleaned at the end of the event.

Air pistols, archery, air rifles, guns and other equipment will be sanitised between each user and thoroughly cleaned at the end of the event.

COVID-19 Protocol FAQs

Can I socially distance?

Yes. We are only offering activities which allow participants to be socially distanced. Participants will be asked to respect the social distancing rules.

At each activity there are markers and signage are in place to respect the 2m rule.

How are we protecting you and our staff?

The government has said that the risk of cross-contamination of the virus outdoors is very small.

We are putting even more measures in place to reduce any residual risk including: building social distancing messaging into all our procedures; instructors wear masks and gloves, guests are also offered these extra measures; equipment and vehicles are sanitised between each participant;

Should I wear a face mask and gloves?

The Government does not insist on the wearing of face coverings outdoors. However, our instructors will be wearing them and we have plenty available for those who prefer to wear them

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