Black Powder Shooting

What to Expect

An interesting twist on the traditional Clay Shooting – our instructors wear traditional period costume and use original period guns and targets. Helium balloons are released from traps to simulate the original sport of pigeon and flintlock guns are used. The very first artificial target is also simulated as glass balls are thrown from a trap – can also include Popinjay which is the 15th century sport of shooting artificial birds off their perches and Tomahawk throwing.

Safety note: Includes a safety briefing for each group at the start of the activity by an experienced, qualified instructor. It is important that participants listen to, and adhere to, the briefing for safety purposes. The instructor will stand with each individual whilst in the shooting butt. The rest of the team stay within the spectator area.


Activity Details

Team size

Min. 20 people


Up to 1 hour sessions

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