Bow Tag

What to Expect

Bow Tag combines the adrenaline of dodge ball, paintball and laser tag with the skill set of traditional archery. With patented foam-tipped arrows, this exciting, action-packed game is the ultimate safe adrenaline team challenge. The soft tipped arrows are painless when guests are “tagged” and the only safety equipment necessary is a facemask and armguard (provided).

Each team, consisting of up to 6 players, has a game area with cover provided by large inflatables (similar to those on paintball sites). In between the team areas is no-man’s land – an area kept free from players to ensure the battle doesn’t get too up close and personal! Each team also has a score board with 5 “cores” which fall off when hit. Your team can win in two ways: Either by “tagging” the opposing team with an arrow. Or by taking out their cores – five fallen cores and the team is out!

Games are refereed by a member of staff to ensure safety and fair play. You are never too old to play Tag!

Safety note: Includes a safety briefing for each group at the start of the activity by an experienced, qualified instructor. It is important that participants listen to, and adhere to, the briefing for safety purposes.


Activity Details

Team size

Min. 20 people


Up to 1 hour sessions

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