Go Kart Team Challenge

What to Expect

The Go Kart Team Building Challenge involves guests being split into teams and rotating around a series of team building exercises. The team’s goal is to complete the exercises and earn parts for their go karts. The Team Building exercises provided will be tailored to concentrate on any organisational issues that companies would like to concentrate on, or they can just be provided for fun, bonding and communication. The Go Kart Challenge is ideal for very large groups as well as small. Typically guests will spend around two hours completing four team building exercises, for larger groups they will take part in around six team building exercises.

After successfully completing the team building exercises and winning their go kart parts, teams will return to their garages where they will be given 30 minutes to build their go kart and design a name and logo for it. After the go karts have been built, guests will race them – however, these go karts have no steering and no brakes, therefore relying on the team’s ability to manually steer and stop! Depending on the size of team, they will have one or two attempts at racing their go karts.  The winning team will have completed the team building exercises the best and their racing time will go towards to their overall score.


Activity Details

Team size

Min. 20 people


2 Hours

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