Outdoor Corporate Events & COVID-19

15th September 2020
Outdoor Corporate Events & COVID-19

We’ve all experienced a tough few months where we have had to adapt new rules to our everyday life to protect ourselves and others around us.

As announced by the UK Government, larger conferences and business events are due to resume starting October 1st. We have already been running smaller events with a maximum of 30 guests and we have worked hard to make sure teams can take part in conference and activity days whilst remaining safe.

What we’re doing to keep teams safe

We’ve put a number of safety measures in place, you can read about them here on our COVID-19 protocol page.

Some of the key safety measures are as follows:

  • We collect contact details from all visitors to assist with ‘track and trace’ measures

  • We’re checking the temperature of all attendees on arrival

  • We’re asking all visitors to use hand sanitiser on arrival (and regularly throughout the day)

  • We have set a maximum of five team members per activity to aid social-distancing

  • We’re providing each visitor with disposable gloves and masks

  • Each visitor will receive their own personal equipment to use in activities throughout the day

  • Everything is thoroughly cleaned after use

We’ll make sure to brief all team members about precautions we’re taking at the start of each event and we’ll ensure they’re being followed for everyones’ safety.

Social-distance friendly team building activities

With proper safety measures in place, we can get back to the fun of team-building and activity days.

Below we have made a selection of some of our favourite social-distance friendly team building activities for corporate teams to take part in.

1. Rage buggies

Perfect as a social-distance friendly and fun activity, rage buggies are essentially large off-road go-karts! New measures put in place mean that each vehicle will be cleaned after use.

Once in the kart, you’ll get to run a series of timed laps on an off-road track that will put your driving skills to the test. This is the ultimate adrenaline activity and perfectly suited to the extraordinary times we find ourselves in.

2. Archery

All team members will get to aim at life-size and moving targets with traditional bows and arrows. This activity is set outdoors in our 250-acre estate, which allows plenty of space for all users to enjoy their time while practising their precision and coordination skills. This engaging activity is perfect for novice members and those with advanced skills alike.

As per our safety measures above, all archery equipment is cleaned thoroughly after each use, ready for the next person to take their turn.

3. Outdoor eating options - A British Picnic

One option for teams to enjoy lunch whilst in the fresh air (and hopefully sunshine) is a traditional British Picnic on our terrace. Should the Great British weather be against us, however, the barn is spacious enough to allow plenty of social distancing whilst you eat your picnic indoors.

All members will have sufficient space to stretch and play games (compliant with social distance rules of course!) that will enable them to get to know their group members better!


Picnic Food And Wine

We're also hosting conferences again

We offer a large setting with high vaulted ceilings and well aerated space from large open double doors leading to an outdoor terrace. Depending on your meeting/conference type and number of participants, we can accommodate you with the right layout, allowing enough space for all delegates’ comfort and safety. 

Also, additional tables and chairs can be placed outside for some fresh countryside air if that is what you prefer.

We have made some adjustments to our venue to accommodate currently up to 30 people for conferences and indoor events, while respecting social distance rules. Moreover, we have set some guidelines to ensure the conferences go as smoothly as possible:

  • Thorough cleaning of the venue before and after each event, focussing on high contact points

  • Signage throughout the venue reminding guests of the importance of social distancing

  • Food and refreshments served individually by staff wearing face masks and disposable gloves

  • Sanitising stations throughout the venue for all our guests to use

Find out more about our different meeting room layouts and pick which is best for you!


You can see our full list of outdoor activities here and feel free to contact us at mail@adayinthecountry.co.uk or call us on 01869 810823 if you have any questions about specific activities or measures we’re taking for COVID-19.